14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide While On Prozac

Here is yet another report of children killing themselves while taking popular antidepressants. This time it was a 14 year old girl who had recently been prescribed Prozac. As the article describes it:

“The child spent a week at Scarborough General Hospital and it was here that psychologists and psychiatrists began their journey to drive out whatever mental-illness demons were possessing her — beginning with counseling, and then moving from one anti-depressant drug to another, ending with Prozac.”

The girls mother recently heard about the FDA warnings that antidepressants cause a dramatic increase in suicide attempts in those taking them. So she called her daughters psychiatrist who assured her there was nothing to worry about. As she described it:

“I remember his words as if he had said them yesterday,” she said. “He told me the benefits far outweighed the risks, and for me not to worry.”

The girl apparently had some minor upset with a boy the night before. The next day her mother found her hanging by a sheet from the rafters of their basement.

Here is another one of the millions of examples as to why we need to keep psychiatrists away from our children. Their harmful therapies and dangerous psychiatric drugs do nothing but harm.

For more information about antidepressants, teens and suicide - visit psychiatry.info

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  1. psych_hunter Says:

    Expect more of this if TeenScreen is not stopped.

    For more info see here:


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