Antidepressants Prescribed For Post Partum Depression Cause Birth Defects

In another news article vindicating Tom Cruise, Scientists have discovered that antidepressants cause a dramatic increase in birth defects. A recent medical study showed that the risks of a baby having heart defects were increased by 60 percent if their mother had taken antidepressant drugs like Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft. There was also an increased risk for premature birth and other malformations of the baby. The results of the study were presented at last week’s International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology conference in Nashville.

As you may recall Brooke Shields was prominently in the media claiming that post partum depression was a medical disease treatable by anti depressants. Then Tom Cruise became very vocal in his effect to educate the public on the false claims of the “chemical imbalance” brain theory of Postpartum depression. It turns out that there have recently been media reports that stated the same thing… and guess who it was they quoted? It was the American Psychiatric Associations very own President Steven Sharfstein who admitted “We do not have a clean-cut lab testâ€? to determine a chemical imbalance. Then Dr. Mark Graff who is the Chair of the Committee of Public Affairs for the APA said “I agree. There aren’t any blood testsâ€? to determine a chemical imbalance.

Now to add fuel to the fire it turns out that recent news articles and scientific studies have covered these 5 shocking facts:

Fact #1:
The drugs prescribed for this type of depression cause people to commit suicide! So not only is there no proof for the invented medical disease called postpartum depression, but the drugs to treat it cause mothers to commit suicide and leave their babies motherless.

Fact #2
The FDA has recently forced the drug companies to give a black box warning label on all antidepressants like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft warning that they cause a dramatic increase in suicides. This is one of the strongest warnings that the FDA has issued to date.

Fact #3
Many groups are calling for further FDA investigations on a dramatic increase in violence caused by these same drugs. There have been well over a dozen recent news reports of mothers on antidepressants for post partum depression violently killing their children in gruesome acts of murder.

Fact #4
Scientific studies have shown that antidepressants used to treat depression and post partum depression barely work in treating these disorders any more than a sugar pill does!

Fact #5
The drugs used to “treat” this theoretical disease cause birth defects when the pregnant mother takes them!

These types of fraudulent claims sound criminal to me. It’s time that psychiatrists and the media can no longer get away with making these claims and cause all this damage to people. They should be held to the same standards as the medial community and prove that these diseases exist in the first place. Then they should provide a clear cut way to test for these diseases and treat them with drugs don’t cause the patients to kill themselves.

Brooke Shields should also take the responsibility to get informed about this issue and stop advocating drugs that don’t work and actually cause such terrible damage to people. Then she should apologize to Tom Cruise and anyone who decided to get drugged because of her comments.

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