Doctors Speak Out Against Brook Shields Dangerous Position On Antidepressants for Post Partum Depression

Not only has the FDA issued a warning that adults have increased risks for suicide, but doctors are speaking out against the irresponsible statements of Brook Shields who advocates psychiatric drugs for Post Partum Depression.

The article linked to above shows that many doctors feel that Post Partum Depression is not a psychiatric brain disorder, but in fact a result of problems within other areas of the body. Some examples she gave for proper treatments were: “Blood sugar imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, low adrenal gland function, thyroid imbalance and copper and zinc deficiencies should all be tested for. The last thing you need is an antidepressant masking or messing with this.”

Add psychiatric drugs to the hormonal imbalance that occurs at birth and you’ve potentially created a time bomb. Texas mother Andrea Yates was prescribed antidepressants for Post Partum Depression. She then became psychotic and drowned her five children. Last year, Dena Schlosser, while taking psychotropic drugs known to cause violent behavior, killed her 10-month daughter by cutting her arms off.

For the past few years, the FDA has been communicating warnings more and more about psychiatric drugs and the side effects the create. Psychiatrists and the big pharmaceutical companies have downplayed or withheld this information. Now added warnings have been added to antidepressants, anti-psychotic drugs and stimulants. Isn’t it about time something was done about this?

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