Group Says Antidepressants Can Induce Violence and Suicide

The International Coalition for Drug Awareness and the Prozac Survivors Support Group is reporting that antidepressants are causing violent behavior in the patients who are taking them.

They are calling for immediate Federal action to warn the public about the dangers of violence caused by the side effects of these psychiatric antidepressant medications. It is widely known that these types of drugs increase the chances of a patient committing suicide by up to 3 times. In fact, the FDA already requires a special black label warning on Antidepressants like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft stating that these drugs cause an increase in suicidal thoughts and actions. Now these groups are calling for a broad campaign to warn the public against the added dangers of violent behavior caused by antidepressants.

There are apparently many examples of this. One recent example is a 30-year-old Indiana mother of two boys who was charged with murdering the boys, aged 2 and 9. Relatives and neighbors report that she had been taking an antidepressant. This mother is apparently just one of a long list of mothers who killed their children while under the influence of antidepressant medications. Some other examples are:

Annie Mae Haskew smothered her 10-week-old son in October of 2002. Before the murder she had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and had been taking antidepressants.

Andrea Yates drowned her five children, aged 6 months to 7 years in the family bathtub on Nov. 22, 2004, while taking two antidepressants Effexor and Remeron, both had been given at maximum dose.

Dena Schlosser killed her 10-month-old infant daughter in November 2004 by severing her baby’s arms. She had been diagnosed with postpartum depression, hospitalized and prescribed psychiatric “medication for depression” before the crime.

Mary Ellen Moffitt suffocated her 5-week-old daughter and herself July 26, 2004. Before this she had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and had been taking the antidepressant Paxil.

Emiri Padron smothered her baby daughter in her crib on June 22, 2004 and then stabbed herself twice in the chest. Emiri was receiving psychiatric treatment before the incident and investigators found the antidepressant Zoloft in the apartment where the crime took place.

Mine Ener used a kitchen knife to cut the throat of her 6-month-old daughter on Aug. 4, 2003, after being diagnosed with postpartum depression and taking “medication” for the condition.

Mrs. Leitsch says that the FDA’s claim that it could take a year to review the suicide adverse effects of antidepressant drugs is negligent. “They must warn the public that not only can the drugs include suicide — but heinous acts of violence — mothers killing their own children, or children killing other children. Many of the school shooters were being prescribed these drugs, including Eric Harris, Kip Kinkel and the latest school shooter from Red Lake, Minnesota, Jeff Wiese. How many more drug-induced murders must we have before someone takes notice? Before the government takes action?”
It seems that much of this information may have been available to both psychiatrists, the pharmaceutical companies who make these drugs and the FDA long ago. In my opinion, this is a crime of enormous proportion. Some day, the lawsuits that will take place over the damage caused by psychiatric drugs like these will make the settlements against big tobacco look small in comparison.

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