Man Jumps Off Golden Gate Bridge After Taking Psychiatric Drugs

I came across this article about Kevin Hines who is lobbying to get a barrier placed on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to stop suicidal people from jumping. I found it admirable that he’s trying to do something to prevent others from committing suicide. However, it seems that both the reporter from Time and Kevin have both missed a very important issue.

In the article it quotes Kevin as saying:

“I was on medication for two years, 1998 to 2000. In 2000, I graduated in June from high school. All C’s. I went to this doctor, and I had therapy every week, but I began to get worse again. I was on 14 pills a day at that time.”

Then twice he becomes suicidal enough to act on it and makes two suicide attempts. The second time he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and shattered 2 of his vertebrae, but luckily survived.

It is just me? Or do you find it strange that if psychiatric medication worked that after two years of taking “14 pills a day” to cure his mental problems - shouldn’t he get better… and not worse?

Not only does he get worse - he actually tries to kill himself twice!

After all the black box warnings and major media coverage about how antidepressants cause a big increase in suicidal thoughts - people still seem to miss the obvious point.

The past decades are marked by skyrocketing antidepressant use and an ever increasing availability of psychiatric treatment. Somehow this magically coincides with an increasing suicide rate. I don’t know about you, but when I try something and it makes the situation worse instead of better - I stop doing it.

Isn’t it time that our society wakes up and stops using harmful psychiatric practices like antidepressant drugging? Isn’t it time that insurance companies aren’t forced to pay for experimental treatments like antidepressant medication? After all, even psychiatrists will openly admit that they have no idea what causes depression and they have no real idea how antidepressants “work”.

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