Prozac Suicide Dangers Hidden - Charges Harvard Psychiatrist

I was recently revisiting the story about how the manufacturer of the drug Prozac, Eli Lilly, seemed to magically “misplace” important information showing the strong link between taking antidepressants and suicide. Apparently there were many drug trials that showed this long before the drug was ever approved and sold to the public.

In looking this over it really struck me that magnitude of this act. I did some quick math and it seems that hundreds of thousands of patients are probably dead today because of these suicidal side effects that were buried and hidden from the public. Millions more have likely suffered from thoughts of suicide or unsuccessful acts of suicide. Most of them probably will never know this was cause by the drugs they were taking.

I have a feeling that had this information been readily available to the FDA drugs like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft would have never been approved in the first place.

A great place to see some of this information is in a news article that was published in USA Today. In the article the claim was made that “Eli Lilly & Co. officials lied 15 years ago in denying there was any evidence theanti-depressant Prozac could cause suicidal behavior

Then in a press release I found online it gave a much more starling view:

Eli Lilly treated the American public “like guinea pigs” says Harvard psychiatrist Martin Teicher. He goes on to explain how Eli Lilly was engaged in widespread scientific fraud in the cherry picking of individuals for drug trial results. Basically, if anyone in the drug trial began to show suicidal behavior, they were “excused” from the trial and removed from the outcome data.

None of this is any surprise to readers of this website, of course. I went public with accusations about the suicide risk of of antidepressant drugs in 1999. At that time it was widely ridiculed and called a “conspiracy theory.” Now, once again, it is emerging as scientific fact. There are so many murder/suicides linked to Prozac and other SSRI drugs that the public would be absolutely shocked to learn the true details of how many people have been killed by these drugs. Remember Phil Hartman, the comedian? He was killed by his wife who was also on these drugs. And let’s not forget the Colombine massacre, in which both teenage boys who blew away their classmates were on antidepressants.

What amazes me the most about all this is how drug companies manage to cover up these facts and suppress negative evidence for so long. After all, these missing Prozac documents are from a trial in 1994! That’s a good ten years of suppression during which billions of dollars worth of these drugs have been peddled to patients by drug-pushing doctors.

Of course, Eli Lilly denies everything. All their drugs are perfectly safe, they have nothing to hide, and their only mission is to serve the good of mankind… to hear it from them, anyway.

I wonder how the parents of the Colombine children feel about all this?

For more information about psychiatry and suicide caused by antidepressants - visit

Posted by the Health Ranger (Mike Adams) source:PressBox

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