Psychiatric Failure - Another Patient Commits Murder

After a “lengthy history of psychiatric treatment” a New Jersey woman has stabbed her parents - killing her father and severely wounding her mother.

A grand jury has indicted the woman in the fatal stabbing of her father and attempted murder of her mother in their home in February. Prosecutors have said she used a kitchen knife to stab her 91-year-old father once in the chest while he sat in a bedroom chair. She then walked into the living room, where her 78-year-old mother sat in a chair, and stabbed her once in the chest, authorities have said.

If psychiatry is an effective branch of medicine, should this woman have been cured? If psychiatry’s treatments worked, shouldn’t her father be alive today?

Now because of the failure that is psychiatry - she will remain locked up the rest of her life, her father is dead and her mother has lost 2 of the most important people in her life.

Just another example of the harmful therapies of psychiatry. Because not only does psychiatry fail to cure it’s patients - it also uses destructive treatments like electroshock causing brain damage, or antidepressants causing suicide and violence in children.

How much more damage will it take for society and the government wake up and get rid of psychiatry once and for all? Maybe you can help speed this up by contacting your government officials, friends and family and spread the truth about harmful psychiatric practices.

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