Scientists Say There Is No Such Thing As Schizophrenia

According to Dr. Richard Bentall, Professor in Experimental Clinical Psychology, and his colleagues have made a statement that many of the arbitrary categories for psychiatric diseases are unworkable and perhaps even false. The biologic disease theory is flawed and often doesn’t result in long term results for the patient.

He even goes so far as to say that “diseases” like Schizophrenia may not even exist at all.

I have long understood that the pseudo science of psychiatry has simply made up a list of diseases in an effort to label and drug people for profit. There is absolutely no basis for their diseases. Theories like the “chemical imbalance” theory of depression don’t even have any scientific evidence to prove they even exist. Even most psychiatrists will tell you this fact themselves, if you ask them the right question.

In their article on Schizophrenia it says:

“Psychiatric diagnoses are based on a set of false assumptions stemming from the 19th century,” says Professor Bentall, writer of the highly successful book ‘Madness Explained’. “Although deep-seated, these assumptions have very little scientific value, and could actually be detrimental to patients and their treatment options.

I’m glad to see another expert agree with me. There are a growing number of scientists, researcher, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists who are blowing the lid off of the psychiatric disease “fraud” that is being perpetrated on the public. In the name of profit, millions of children are being given psychiatric drugs like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft when these drugs actually cause suicide. Depressed mothers are being falsely convinced that they have post partum depression and that it’s a “chemical imbalance in the brain”, which is of course treatable with these same antidepressants that cause suicide and violent behavior.

It’s no wonder that the news is filled with children on these drugs are shooting up their schools and mothers who violently murder their children while under their influence.

It’s time to stop this madness.

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