Psychiatrists Abusing Patients In Turkish Psychiatric Hospitals

In a description that sounded more like a dungeon torture chamber this article covers the horrific abuse of patients in psychiatric hospitals in Turkey. The story also quoted a report investigating these human rights violations. The report included such comments as:

“Investigators observed children emaciated from starvation,” and “Staff reported children dying from starvation and dehydration.”

Patients are “subjected to treatment practices that are tantamount to torture,”

The group said electric shock therapy were “massively overused in Turkish psychiatric facilities in cases for which there is no clinically proven justification,” and that they were used as a form of punishment.

“(Electric shock) without the use of anesthesia and muscle relaxants violates all internationally accepted medical standards,” the report said.

The head of this psychiatric hospital is quoted as stating that 40-60 patients undergo electric shock treatment every day. He is also quoted as saying:

“(Electric shock) is harmless, it is even safer to give (it) to a pregnant woman with depression than medication,”

The report on these human rights violations concluded with: “As the European Union meets to consider Turkey’s human rights record … we ask them to demand action by the government of Turkey to end these human rights violations,”.

One common misconception is that treatment like this is isolated to a few psychiatric hospitals in third world countries. That could not be further from the truth. Barbaric treatments like electric shock are used in the United States on as many as 100,000 patients every year.

Electric shock is a violent brain damaging treatment. Such a high amount of electricity is used that muscles spasms and convulsions can actually cause physical damage to the patient. That is why psychiatrists give the person being shocked a heavy dose of muscle relaxants and anesthesia. Many patients complain of long term memory loss. I’ve even heard of cases where they lose all memories of their own families.

It’s time to stop the brutal therapy of electric shock treatment once and for all. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Turkey or California, this should never happen to anyone.

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