Schizophrenia Anti Psychotic Drugs Are A Failure

It seems psychiatry and the big drug companies had a problem when it came to anti psychotic drugs. These are the same drugs that they use to dope up people who have been labeled with schizophrenia. These drugs have strong side effects and the patients stop taking the drugs because they cannot stand these side-effects.

So what was their solution?

I imagine the big meeting over at the pharmaceutical / psychiatric think tank went something like this:

“Our drugs don’t really work well and cause horrible side effects - so lets make more drugs just like them that cost 10 times as much money to produce and then pump out a huge false public relations and marketing campaign to convince everyone they work better and are side effect free.”

Well that’s what exactly what it appears they did. Because now a new study shows that these drugs were a fraud and despite their 10X increase in cost - they work no better and have all the same side effects. Further, the study found that more than 74 percent of the people prescribed one of these anti psychotics stopped taking it because they couldn’t handle the side effects.

But the lovely psychiatric drug lobby has a wonderful way to spin this new data. They’ve put out a press release with this real intelligent jump in logic:

“Our drugs don’t work well and cause nasty side effects. In fact, they are so bad that 3 out of 4 people who take them can’t even stay on them. So our logical conclusion is that the patients need to take more of the same drugs and in a bigger variety - of course!”

What else would you expect? Psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies have one goal: Profit. Their actions show this time and time again. Treating schizophrenia with drugs is a $10 Billion dollar a year business. YES - that’s $10 billion dollars!

The media seems to have bought their marketing and public relations campaign hook, line & sinker.

I think the public is smarter than this and will eventually see through all the psychiatric propaganda. Given the right information about exactly what these drugs do to schizophrenics - I don’t think anyone would take them. But, that’s the problem, the truth about psychiatric drugs is often hidden. The drug companies have even been alleged to have hidden vital information on horrible side effects like suicide because they were worried this might effect their approval and sales.

If you read between the lines in most media reports you can see the true information.

The Washington Post said:

“Every drug, old and new, caused serious side effects, and the vast majority of patients stopped taking each of them.”

The article also goes on to say:

“Expensive new anti psychotic drugs that are among the most widely prescribed pills in medicine are no more effective and no safer than an older, cheaper drug that has been largely discontinued, according to the most comprehensive comparative study ever conducted…underscores the extent to which physicians, patients and policymakers can be blindsided by self-interested research by drug makers.”

The Boston Globe says:

“Nearly three-quarters of the patients in the study stopped taking their assigned schizophrenia drugs before the 18-month study was finished, mainly because the medications didn’t improve their condition enough or they couldn’t stand side effects ranging from weight gain to nervous tics.”

If it weren’t for the fact that real people are being damaged by these drugs, it would make for a good comedy to know what in the study results was the big success for psychiatrists. In the study theAmerican Psychiatric Association was happy with the results because:

“After 18 months, 36 percent of the Zyprexa patients were still taking their drug compared with 26 percent of those on Risperdal, 25 percent of those on the older drug, Trilafon, 21 percent of patients taking Geodon, and 18 percent of the patients on Seroquel.”

So more than 2/3’s of the patients stopped taking their drugs because they didn’t work or the side effects were intolerable - what a big success!

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