Brain Scans Fail To Prove Psychiatric Disorders

Proving psychiatry’s failure the New York Times today ran an article describing how psychiatrists have oversold the idea that brain imaging scans can somehow prove the existence of their many theoretical diseases. The NY Times reports: “After almost 30 years, researchers have not developed any standardized tool for diagnosing or treating psychiatric disorders based on imaging studies.” and “imaging technology has not lived up to the hopes invested in it in the 1990’s - labeled the “Decade of the Brain” by the American Psychiatric Association”.

The underlying theory behind modern psychiatry is that all mental and emotional problems are brain diseases often caused by a chemical imbalance. The only problem is that not one of these diseases have ever been proven to exist based on hard scientific evidence. These diseases are just theories. To make matters worse prominent psychiatrists have even admitted that they have no real scientific way to test for these brain disorders and chemical imbalances in the first place!

Add to that the media barrage with all the side effects of psychiatric drugs like antidepressants and anti adhd drugs. This year has seen FDA warning after FDA warning about how psychaitric drugs are causing people to commit suicide. The other side effects from these drugs don’t sound very appealing either. Things like psychosis, sexual dysfunction and weight gain are just a few of them.

Chock up another embarrassment for the APA out of the dozens they have experienced this year. Psychiatry and big pharmaceutical companies have suffered by having their humiliating failures exposed in the media.recently. It seems every day I am running across something new. One day it’s how many of their diseases are just theories and have never been proven to exist and then the next I read an article about how psychiatric drugs are causing children to kill themselves. The truth about psychiatry is out there - if you choose to look for it.

I don’t think it will be much longer before the entire population sees psychiatry for the failure that it is.

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