You Don’t Need Psychiatric Drugs To Treat Anxiety

I’m glad to see more sensible advice being given in the media when it comes to taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Many people are so quick to turn to these powerful mind altering drugs like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. Because the pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars on marketing to doctors and publicity campaigns to the public - it is a common misconception that these drugs are needed to “cure” anxiety and depression. Even many doctors are falsely convinced that there are “chemical imbalances” causing these problems. After all, you hear about it in the media all the time… right? The facts are: psychiatry and the big drug companies have yet to even produce scientific evidence proving that the chemical imbalances even exist! So exactly what are these drugs (and all their side effects) needed for?

Today Dr. John Abramson in the Boston Herald has given some excellent advise to people suffering from anxiety. A woman wrote in asking him some advice about her daughter who had been taking antidepressants for anxiety. She writes:

“My daughter has been on Prozac for more than 10 years and seems more anxious than ever. Are there better ways to deal with this problem?”

To which the doctor replied with medically correct advice:

“Absolutely, and it’s a sign of the times that doctors and patients so often turn to prescription drugs first instead of more natural and longer-lasting approaches.”

He goes on to describe the symptoms of anxiety as being: constant worry, inability to relax or a sense of dread. Sometimes anxiety is a physical sensation: tightness in the body, racing heart, headaches, fatigue or difficulty sleeping.

“When symptoms like these become troublesome, the first step is to make sure you are following the simple habits that help us maintain emotional and physical balance: exercise regularly (at least 20 minutes of huffing and puffing on most days); get enough sleep (at least seven hours each night for most people); avoid caffeine. Don’t fall into the trap of using alcohol or illegal drugs to relax. Get help if you have started down this path and can’t stop. Eat a healthy diet of mostly unprocessed foods and little or no junk food; set aside time to relax - it’s better to plan relaxation than wait until your body crashes into exhaustion; and discuss how your are feeling with someone you trust.”

Dr. Abramson also mentioned that the symptoms of anxiety are sometimes being caused by an undiagnosed medical condition like an overactive thyroid gland.

He also gives a strong endorsement for a holistic or alternative approach to handling the problem.

I personally applaud him for giving this great advice. After all, why take drugs with such awful side effects as psychosis, suicide, death and violent behavior when it’s never even been proven that there is a disease called “anxiety” in the first place.

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