Paxil Causes Birth Defects

The US FDA is now warning that Paxil, a commonly used antidepressant, causes birth defects in newborn children when their mothers take Paxil during pregnancy.

The Washington Post reveals that Paxil causes heart defects in pregnant mothers unborn children. Yet another reason for pregnant mothers to never take an antidepressant.

The Washington Post also reported that “an earlier study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the babies of mothers taking antidepressants were three times more likely to suffer from irritability, tremors and seizures in the weeks after birth”.

Much of this information was not being broadly discussed in the press, but because of the recent fiasco over huge increases in suicide risks caused by antidepressants and other psychiatric drug warnings - the media is now starting to pay attention. Psychiatric drugs are scientifically unproven to cure anything and are extremely harmful to the patients taking them.

As you might remember, Tom Cruise & Brooke Shields had a vocal conflict in the headlines over the use of antidepressants to “treat” mothers who become depressed during or after pregnancy. Some in the media were critical or even made fun of Mr. Cruise for this. It now turns out: Tom was 100% correct. These drugs are bad for both the children and the mothers!

Paxil is one of the world’s most popular antidepressants, taken by tens of millions of patients since the drug was approved in 1993. It is also sold now in generic form as paroxetine. Can you imagine the scope of damage that this drug has caused over the years? How many children with birth defects and mental problems caused by Paxil have been born so far? How many millions have been caused psychosis, suicidal thoughts or even death by suicide induced from Paxil and other drugs like it? Isn’t it time to stop these harmful psychiatric drugs once and for all?

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  1. eholdgold Says:

    I can’t tell you how much it upsets me that that don’t pull this drug off the market. Birth defects are probably just the start …

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