ADHD Drug Strattera Causes Suicidal Thoughts In Children

The drug manufacturer Eli Lilly is admitting today that their drug Strattera prescribed to treat ADHD and hyperactivity causes children to have suicidal thoughts. This is after the FDA requested that Eli Lilly provide the data that they apparently had not disclosed showing the link between suicide and this ADHD drug. After reviewing this information the FDA seems to have requested that Strattera carry a warning on it’s label.

Based on the information that Lilly provided on Strattera the statistics are staggering. If you take the total number of children being treated for ADHD and hyperactivity with drugs like these (over 5 million kids) you get some frightening numbers. Assuming that similar drugs have the same side effects there are tens of thousands of kids experiencing suicidal thoughts from these drugs. Statistically using the same figures thatEli Lilly provided in their press release you get these numbers:

20,000 children have been having suicidal thoughts as a direct side effects of their medication. The most horrific number is the nearly 4,000 children who have likely acted on these thoughts and attempted suicide. Who knows how many of the 4,000 were successful.

This is an enormous amount of damage. Think of the preschoolers who are on this drug. Imagine a poor 6 year old child experiencing suicidal thoughts. Now imagine 20,000 of them! it’s almost too terrible to believe.

Facts like these are everywhere when it comes to psychiatric drugs and treatments. All you need to do is look in the news and go beyond the psychiatric drug companies propaganda. The facts are there to be seen. Their treatments cause suicide and psychosis as direct side effects. The amount of damage they are inflicting on society and our children is immeasurable. It’s time that psychiatry and the drug companies pay for this damage and are stopped from harming our kids once and for all.

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